Timeless STYLE, purposeful DETAILS & functional PERFORMANCE

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Timeless Style:

Trends come and go, but style doesn't. That's why when you see a Fisher + Baker garment, you know that it will remain stylish 5 years from now. However it's not only style, but the level of quality that we put into each piece - our goods are made to last the test of time and since we're so confident in this, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products. Thus, Fisher + Baker garments are investment pieces with what we call, low price per wear.

Purposeful Details:

Anyone who's been on this planet for a few revolutions knows that it's the details that make the difference… details that have a true purpose. That's why when you see a Fisher + Baker garment, you notice. You notice that the zipper is angled to match the articulation of the elbow. You notice the pocket is constructed so it won't give way today, tomorrow, or even in 20 years. You notice the Ultrasuede® details that elevate the look and the cord locks that simply work. What you won't notice is anything extraneous, gimmicky or overly trendy. That's a promise.

Functional Performance:

Fisher + Baker garments will stand up to any climate. We utilize the highest quality fabrics, the latest construction techniques and the most durable trims to create the most refined and versatile pieces. We use Ventile’s® natural, long-staple cotton in our Greenwich Anorak for superior wind and water resistance, while maintaining a super-soft hand, unbeatable breathability and durable construction. The Schoeller® water resistant wool that we use in our Birmingham CPO Jacket is an uncompromising blend of fashion and function. Revolutionary c_change® polymer underlies the soft and stylish fabric offering breathability and heat retention that responds to your activity level.  No matter the weather outside, Schoeller® water resistant wool keeps your body’s climate on an even keel.

We have partnered with some of the most advance fabric suppliers in the world to create some of the most functionally superior menswear products. We design our garments to perform to meet your everyday needs.