Ryan Eason

Musician, Consultant, Athlete
Seattle, WA

Where were you born?: St Louis MO

What are your favorite restaurants?: Works and Class, Finns Manor, Root Down

Cocktail of the moment?: Whiskey

Any hobbies you want to share?: Cycling, writing/playing music, skiing

What is the best under-the-radar thing to do in your town?: Larimer Lounge shows, Forest Room 5, Colfax bars

Describe your ideal weekend?: Without my daughter: Cycling/skiing and a good band, with my daughter: whatever the opposite of the "without" description is

What are you listening to these days?: Bill Calahan, Brass Bed, Run the Jewels, The War on Drugs, The Kinks, and my band Das Egret

What do you never travel without?: Sunglasses, running gear, sleeping pills