Ventile Anorak

Outfit the everyday.

Every single day is important. At Fisher + Baker we believe this. Whether today is spent knee-deep in paperwork or a trout stream, it’s your day and you’re prepared to own it. That’s why we make products that are designed to help you do just that. At Fisher + Baker, we make clothing for men that is timeless in style and just as comfortable in the office as it is paddling a wooden canoe. Because if you are going to take on the challenge of each day, you have to be prepared for whatever it holds.

Men's Quilted Vest

handshake between fashion and function

We think you shouldn’t have to dress down to gear up. Fisher + Baker garments are manufactured using best in class technical materials and advanced textile processes. The result? Something that was thought to be impossible; timeless style paired with incredible performance.


Details matter.

Anyone who’s been on this planet for a few revolutions knows that it’s the details that make all the difference. That’s why when you’re wearing a Fisher + Baker garment, you notice. You notice that the zipper is angled to match the articulation of your elbow. You notice the the Ultrasuede details that elevate the look, and the cord locks that simply work. What you won’t notice is anything extraneous, gimmicky or overly trendy. That’s a promise.

Chief Petty Officer's Jacket
Craftmanship Clothing

Craft is a calling.

Not everyone can be a craftsman. It takes passion, determination and extreme attention to detail. Fisher + Baker Founder Greg Horvitz exemplifies these qualities and instills them into everything Fisher + Baker. The name Fisher + Baker itself is a reference to Greg’s love for these pastimes and a reminder that every pursuit deserves your full focus and energy.



We believe nature is our greatest resource and youth is our greatest asset.

We are passionate about investing in both.  At Fisher + Baker our love of nature and community is present in everything we do, and helping to foster that appreciation in others is equally important.  

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